Love Po SCIO's terms & conditions

last updated 16 June 2020

Accepting our terms and conditions

  • By using our website, you agree to be legally bound by these and agree to us collecting your personal data in line with our privacy policy
  • If you don’t agree with our terms and conditions or privacy policy, please don’t use the website.
  • Please save and/or print a copy of our terms and privacy policy for any future reference.

How Love Po SCIO works

Gifts or experiences

Our gifts and experiences are available for anyone currently receiving cancer treatment or who has finished treatment in the last 12 months. For each gift, you’ll find:

  • A general description of the gift.
  • Names of those who donated any gifts along with any company names – if they differ from the donor.

To apply for a gift or experience, you need to register with your name and email address.

To apply for a gift of experience, you must hit ‘apply’ on the appropriate gift or experience. We’ll then ask for more information, including a medical letter, so we can make sure applicants are eligible. We’ll always treat all information shared with us, aligning with our privacy policy. We’ll then get in touch with you to tell you next steps and how you can redeem it.

Picking the right gifts or experiences for you

We always share general info for all gifts or experiences available. There might be some details you need to make an individually informed decision, please email us at and we can do our best to help you.

If you’re unsure if you can participate in a particular experience, we recommend you seek medical advice from a medical professional. This is something we can’t provide.

Problems with any gifts or experiences

If you have any problems with any gifts, experiences or a supplier, please raise this with the company or share with us.

We always welcome any feedback so we know whether to re-purchase the gift or experience. So if you have any feedback, please email

Changes to our terms and conditions

  • We may amend these from time to time. If we do, we’ll always update the date at the top of this page. So it’s important you review our site every now and again to check for changes.
  • Any changes will start 30 days from the date we’ve published any amendments. If you don’t agree with any changes, please don’t continue to use the site from the date the changes will start from.