All you need to know

The important stuff 

Who can apply for a gift or experience?

You can apply if you’re actively receiving cancer treatment or had cancer treatment within the last 12 months and live in the UK.

How does Love Po work?

We’ll post new gifts and experiences on our website for applicants to apply for, categorised under Big Gift or Wee Gift:

  • Big Gift – this will normally be weekends away but can include other things too.
  • Wee Gift– most of our stuff will fall under this category and includes gift vouchers for cinema or meals etc.

We’ll always make it clear which category the stuff falls under.

Wee Gifts will go to those who apply and meet our criteria first. And Big Gifts will be open for a month, from when they’re posted, so it gives everyone a fair chance to apply. At the end of the month, a random applicant will be selected.

How often can you receive a gift or experience?

Applicants can receive a Big Gift every six months and then can apply for a Wee Gift every two months.

Getting started on Love Po

How can I register?

You can sign up for a Love Po account – giving us your email and name by hitting account in the top right corner.

How do I apply?

  • First go ahead and register with us, then hit ‘apply’ on any of the gifts and experiences you like the look of.
  • We’ll need some details from you like a medical letter and some more personal details. This is so to we can determine eligibility.
  • We’ll ask for this for every gift you apply for to make sure we always have the most up to date details for you.

How many things can I apply for?

You can apply for as many things as you like – but part of our criteria means you can only receive a Big Gift every six months and a Wee Gift every two months.

I’ve been selected to get a gift or experience, after applying, how do I receive it?

It depends what it is, we’ll post or email the majority, but we’ll always share the detail with each individual when we let you know you’ve been selected for it.

I’ve applied for a gift or experience, but didn’t receive one – why?

For Wee Gifts, we’ll take the first person who applies and meets all our criteria. And then for the Big Gifts, it will be randomly selected. This unfortunately means that we can’t give gifts and experiences to everyone who applies for every gift, which is why we say to apply for as much as you want to.

Helping us grow

Who can donate gifts or experiences?

Anyone. That’s right – even you! So, if you can, just drop us an email at

I can't donate just now - what else can I do?

Like and share our social media pages – you can find the links at the bottom of this page. And help us spread the word, unfortunately there’s a lot of people out there who are eligible for gifts because they have cancer. So it’s our mission to make as many of them smile.