Getting involved

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Choosing what you do

Fancy fundraising for Love Po, but not quite sure what you want to do? We’ve got lots of ideas to help you get the right thing for you – whether you’ve got days or months to plan and if it’s something you’re doing yourself or in a group. Get in touch with us for some ideas!

Fundraising tools and raising money
It’s important you look the part when you’re fundraising for Love Po, so we’ve got some stuff to help. Once you’ve decided what you want to do, you can create your own fundraising page on JustGiving – making it simple to group all your donations together. We’ll then get in touch and see what we can give to help you.

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We’re the new kids on the charity block, so we’re very open to anyone who wants to share any skills or experience to help us grow. If you fancy it, email us at

You can help us spread the word about Love Po in your surrounding area. It can be in your workplace, local café or wherever you think we can grab some attention. You can print off our posters to display or we can send you some leaflets or cards – just email us at